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What is T-TEL?

Getting well-educated, motivated teachers into Ghana’s schools is critical to improving learning outcomes and the country’s growth and development.

Harnessing the energy and expertise of stakeholders across the teacher education sector, T-TEL supports innovation, inclusion, best practice and results to ensure high-quality teachers are to teach, inspire and education Ghana's young people to lead the country's progress and prosperity.

Latest News and Discussion

I am very pleased to write a solidarity message to mark the momentous occasion of Presbyterian Women’s College of Education’s 90th Anniversary.

The National Teaching Council (NTC) has officially handed over copies of the National Teachers' Standards (for both Pre and In-Service teachers) to Colleges of Education across the country.

The second leadership training workshop brought together newly appointed CoE principals to get them up to speed on the implication of B.Ed. curriculum for their work.

The three day T-TEL planning meeting resulted in renewed energy and commitment from staff for the next two years.

Education Reforms In Action

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