Tutor Professional Development

Institutional Reform

Continuing to deliver a professional development programme in all public Colleges of Education, reaching almost 1,800 tutors to help student teachers excel.

What T-TEL is doing

Ensuring tutors are equipped to support the skills development and empowerment of teachers is critical to delivering improved learning outcomes for Ghana's school population. An embedded support model is used to reach over 1800 college tutors through weekly coaching sessions. Through these sessions, tutors are strengthening their knowledge of course content and their skills in teaching methodologies – including the use of teaching and learning materials – to ensure that student teachers are receiving the training they need to become competent and knowledgeable teachers.

Our impact

In 2018, three out of four English, Mathematics and Science college tutors, like Regina Evelyn Forson, are now demonstrating student-focused teaching methods as a result of the weekly professional development (PD) sessions.