Teacher education curriculum reform

Curriculum and Assessment

Improving teaching and assessment for better learning outcomes through introducing a new B.Ed degree which codifies the National Teacher Standards (NTS).

What T-TEL is doing

The new Bachelors degree in Initial Teacher Education (B.Ed) focuses on strengthening teaching practice as well as subject knowledge. Both the National Teachers' Standards and the National Education Curriculum Framework (NTECF) - developed in collaboration with key education stakeholders - have underpinned this new curriculum. The B.Ed replaced the Diploma in Basic Education (DBE) in October 2018. T-TEL continues to support all 46 Colleges of Education, the Ministry of Education and its regulatory agencies to implement the new curriculum and ensure all systems are sustainable and appropriate to the new curriculum.

Our impact

For the first time, all institutions and individuals involved in the teacher education sector of Ghana know exactly what is required to ensure teaching graduates can fulfill their potential as good teachers. Already, teachers in basic schools who have been exposed to these approaches which underpin the new curriculum are showing improvements which should ensure learning outcomes increase over time.