T-TEL Funds

T-TEL Funds

Providing funds to promote innovation and improved management in Colleges of Education and their districts, school and civil society partnerships.

What T-TEL is doing

Insufficient technical and funding support has limited innovation and meant that CoEs have been unable to deliver strong results or make the successful transition to becoming fully functioning tertiary institutions.

To address this, CoEs have had access to two funding mechanisms, enabled by T-TEL:

  • The Challenge Fund (2016-2018) encouraged innovations in any element of teacher education Colleges chose, and in partnership with other organisations, such as partner schools, universities and civil society organisations.
  • The Payment-by-Results Fund (2016 - 2018) incentivised the successful achievement of College Improvement Plans, which outline objectives to improve CoE management.

Our impact

These funds have been incentivising innovation, results and improvements in teacher education. 40 Colleges of Education (CoEs) received awards from Payment-by-Results (PBR) for the achievement of objectives linked to college improvement plans which they have used to invest in improving internet connectivity, purchasing teaching and learning materials and renovations to infrastructure such as libraries and the introduction of potable water. 33 Challenge Fund projects were completed and 30 either fully achieved or exceeded their intended outcomes. Over the course of four events, CoEs came together to share their achievements with other education stakeholders and the media and to discuss lessons learned and ideas with each other.