School partnerships and teaching practice

School Partnerships

Strengthening school partnerships to ensure student teachers are highly competent and confident to start work as soon as they graduate.

What T-TEL is doing

Teaching experience in real schools is essential for student teachers to ensure they are ready to enter the classroom as soon as they qualify. Student teachers must be supported in their learning before, during and after teaching practice and strong partnerships between Colleges of Education and schools are at the heart of effective teaching practice. Colleges are forging better links with partner schools to create a supportive learning environment for student teachers and, with support from T-TEL, are improving the data and assessment of partner schools’ performances to ensure quality support for student teachers and quality education for pupils.

Our impact

Teaching practice now plays a larger role in the B.Ed curriculum, with supported teaching in schools taking place throughout the degree, rather than confined to the third and final year as was the case with the Diploma of Basic Education. Updates to the Teaching Practice Handbook has clarified roles in fostering successful partnerships and, through the Challenge Fund, several Colleges of Education (CoEs) have identified key ways to strengthen the effectiveness of teaching practice through partnerships which have supported mentoring in schools. The National Schools Partnership Policy has been informed by these activities and has, in turn, shaped the partnership policies and associated memorandums of understanding of all 46 colleges.