Policy and Institutional Development

Institutional Reform

Strengthening the teacher education sector through better coordination, research and policy between national institutions responsible for pre-tertiary teacher education.

What T-TEL is doing

A lack of coherence between teacher education and in-service work has meant teachers are not prepared to deliver high quality teaching in the classroom. To become centres of excellence for teacher education, Colleges of Education (CoEs) require greater sector support. The government and national education institutions, together with T-TEL, is working to enhance the effectiveness and coordination of the teacher education sector, supporting and clarifying functional responsibilities, guidance and policy and building capacity in key institutions. Through this support, CoEs will be able to function optimally and create an effective environment for producing high quality teachers prepared to excel in the classroom.

Our impact

There has never been more data available on all 46 public Colleges of Education and it is being used to assess and improve their performance. The National Accreditation Board’s Quality Assurance and Accreditation Assessment Instrument (QAAAI) involves both a college self-assessment and verification from external academic auditors. CoEs are using this data to continue developing and implementing plans to address areas which still need improvement. Colleges who achieve their key targets are rewarded through the Transition Support Fund.