"Transforming Teacher Education & Learning over Time and Space: The Ghanaian story"

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T-TEL, a 6-year $34 million Government of Ghana project funded by UK Aid and implemented by Cambridge Education in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and its agencies, has supported the National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE), 5 universities and 46 public Colleges of Education to successfully introduce the new Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree in Initial Teacher Education for all new entrants to the teacher education system. Through this support, T-TEL has enabled Ghana to introduce the most far-reaching and successful reforms to pre-service teacher education anywhere in Sub-Saharan Africa with external evaluations demonstrating the tremendous impact which these reforms have had on the knowledge, attitude and behaviour of beginning teachers, student teachers and tutors nationwide.

These reforms have been truly Ghanaian owned and led. This has attracted international praise and commendation with a panel of expert international assessors describing the new curriculum as ‘truly world class’. As this phase of the project is ending, the essential structures and policies are in place for Ghana’s initial teacher education institutions to continue to achieve great success and act as an exemplar to the rest of the continent.

The Project Learning Event, entitled ‘Transforming Teacher Education and Learning over Time and Space: The Ghanaian Story’ took place on Thursday, 22nd October 2020 at the National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE) Conference Hall.

The event recounted on the transformative changes in pre-service teacher education, how Colleges transitioned to Emergency Remote Teaching and the impressive progress made in promoting Gender Equality and Social Inclusion in all 46 public Colleges of Education.

Download the Learning Event brochure here!

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