At a glance - National Teacher Education Assessment Policy

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The National Teacher Education Assessment Policy (NTEAP) has become an integral part of achieving even greater heights in the teacher education reform. The NTEAP is a cabinet-approved (September 2017) policy document, based on the National Teachers’ Standards (NTS), National Teacher Education Curriculum Framework, and the new 4-year Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) curriculum, to guide the implementation of the new curriculum. 

The NTEAP has the overall goal of preparing pre-service teachers for primary and junior high schools with hands-on learning experiences they can apply in their classrooms post-college. 

Key elements of the policy are: 

  • The weightings on curriculum components - Supported Teaching in Schools (STS)
  • The requirement for all student teachers to have personal tutors - these tutors shall serve as reference points for all stakeholders and be responsible for reviewing and marking improvements of student teachers against the NTS.


The NTEAP shall ensure consistency in procedures used in assessing teachers across the country.  The policy requires that student teachers enrolled be assessed and graded against the NTS during their four-year B.Ed. programme. 

The NTEAP  shall also ensure the translation of student teachers' knowledge and understanding of the NTS into their teaching profession to improve learning outcomes. Assessments shall be conducted through presentations, assignments, practical teaching, quizzes, professional teaching portfolios, and reflective journals. Under this new arrangement, pre-service teachers shall build their professional teaching portfolios from their experiences. 

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