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The new curriculum for teacher education will ensure high quality teaching and learning in Ghana’s schools.

The quality of an education system is only as good as the quality of its teachers. The new B.Ed curriculum, which is taught to pre-service student teachers across Ghana’s colleges of education, will contribute to improved learning outcomes and ensure children are motivated to be life-long learners beyond their time in school.

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Hear from student teachers, tutors and stakeholders on how they are preparing to deliver the new B.Ed

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Hashtags #TeacherEducationReformMeans #TeachersMakeourNation

#TeacherEducationReformMeans enhancing learning outcomes in Ghana

#TeacherEducationReformMeans moving from generalist to specialist teaching to help students of all levels improve

#TeacherEducationReformMeans focusing not only on subject content but teaching methods

#TeacherEducationReformMeans increasing the time student teachers spend in real life classrooms before graduating #teaching practice

#TeacherEducationReformMeans embracing modern teaching methods and approaches #TransformingTeacherEducation

#TeacherEducationReformMeans moving from exams based assessment to measurement against National Teachers’ Standards

#TeacherEducationReformMeans creating a more interactive, pupil -centered approach to teaching

#TeacherEducationReformMeans ensuring teachers incorporate #genderequality, professional values and reflection into their teaching

#TeacherEducationReformMeans ensuring that college tutors receive continuous professional development so they can train student teachers to excel #CPD

#TeacherEducationReformMeans improving literacy in schools, by making sure student teachers can teach in both Ghanaian and English languages

#TeacherEducationReformMeans ensuring school pupils feel valued and participate in their education

Ghana’s government and education leaders have already given huge support to the process of teacher education reform

Not just teachers, but parents, communities and pupils have a role to play in Teacher Education Reform #TeachersMakeOurNation

Student teachers need certain skills & competencies to excel in a real-life classroom #TeachersMakeourNation

A new teacher education curriculum will improve the quality of #teaching in Ghana’s schools for many years to come #TeachersMakeourNation