Tutor Professional Development

Institutional Reform

Instituting a professional development programme in all public colleges of education and delivering coaching to over 1,500 College of Education tutors, to help student teachers excel


  • Ensuring tutors are equipped to support the skills development and empowerment of teachers is critical to delivering improved learning outcomes for Ghana's school population
  • Tutors have not received the coaching and support they need to sufficiently prepare students to excel when they start work as teachers
  • The accessibility of teaching and learning materials is often limited, meaning tutors cannot always discover recognised successful practices in teacher education


Through this programme, T-TEL enables tutors to demonstrate more engaging, interactive and student-focused instructional methods in their teaching sessions. T-TEL is designing and implementing a coaching programme for College of Education staff to strengthen the course content and teaching methods taught to student teachers, to ensure they are competent and knowledgeable schoolteachers.

It is supporting tutors to strengthen student teachers' acquisition of subject content, especially in English, maths and science and help them meet the varied learning needs of school children. it is also ensuring that teaching that teaching and learning materials reflect and promote more effective teaching practices during practice sessions in demonstration schools.

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