T-TEL Funds

T-TEL Funds

Providing funds to promote innovation and improved management in Colleges of Education and their districtS, school and civil society partnerships




  • A lack of innovation in the teacher education sector means that the country’s Colleges of Education (CoEs) are not producing the high quality individuals our classrooms and our country needs
  • Colleges of Education have received insufficient technical and funding support to deliver strong results and make the successful transition to becoming fully functioning tertiary institutions
  • Institutional governance of Colleges and effective leadership and management is critical to ensuring they can adequately and innovatively prepare the country’s future teachers to pass on excellent knowledge and life skills to Ghana’s schoolchildren



T-TEL aims to incentivise performance improvements and encourage innovation across the teacher education sector. It is doing this by investing significant resources into two funds.

The Challenge Fund is directed at stimulating innovation in teacher development, tutor professional development, college management, gender and inclusion and improved partnerships. It is subject to an application process open to Colleges of Education, their partner and model schools, universities, civil society organisations (CSOs) and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working both at the local and national level.

The Payment- by-Results Fund is designed to incentivise the improvement of management of Colleges of Education, by aligning with their College Improvement Plans (CIPs) and incentivise their successful implementation.

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