School Partnerships

School Partnerships

Strengthening school partnerships to ensure student teachers experience high quality teaching practice in the classroom before graduating


  • Currently student teachers are not adequately prepared for the classroom and doesn't allow them to put their learning at colleges into practice
  • There is inconsistency between CoEs in procedures and the timing of each Teaching Practice
  • Strong partnerships between CoEs and schools are at the heart of effective teaching practice, though links have been historically weak
  • Lack of consistency in supervision and assessment of student teachers during each teaching practice
  • Lack of follow-up by CoEs after student teachers complete each teaching practice session


Teaching experience in real schools is essential if student teachers are to become effective beginning teachers. student teachers must be supported to learn how to teach, before, during and post teaching practice. T-TEL is focused on improving teaching practice, including the provision of effective mentoring for student teachers, by helping colleges forge better links with partner schools and supporting districts.

T-TEL is supporting Colleges of Education to design and build strong and sustainable partnerships with their demonstration and partner schools, by building the competence of lead mentors, operationalising national policies to protect student teachers and meeting NAB accreditation standards. it supports head-teacher professional development in school management and effective pedagogy through the provision of expert resources, guidelines and workshops, to provide day-to-day leadership on teachers' professional conduct and support and monitor effective teachers to mentor student teachers. It also involves alternating periods of teaching practice in schools with study periods in colleges.

It is also training district officials to guide student teachers on their teaching practice and create an environment that supports the implementation of improved teaching practice provided by colleges.

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