Leadership and Management

Leadership and Management

Supporting Colleges of Education to become fully functioning 'centres of excellence' through improved leadership for college management.


  • To improve performance, it is critical that college principals and their leadership strengthen their institutions
  • They must create a learning culture that ensures student-friendly pedagogy and inspires and motivates tutors to develop their professional capacities
  • For transformation to take place, management, administration and most importantly leadership must be strengthened to ensure changes are embedded in everyday practice


T-TEL is working with college leadership, providing a professional development programme that supports the improvement of governance, management and pedagogical direction to enable them to become fully functioning tertiary education institutions and produce high quality teachers.

Part of this process includes supporting colleges to develop a College Improvement Plan and helping them drive innovation and results through support from T-TEL funds. Central to this process is T-TEL's support to college leadership in adopting and integrating gender responsive management practices. T-TEL draws on international expertise in education, using evidence and research to improve college performance, training and systems.

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