Gender and Inclusion

Gender and Inclusion

Promoting female teacher development and girls’ success in schools, through enhanced gender-responsive practices across the teacher education sector


  • Gender inequality is a serious problem in Ghana, Africa and the wider world. Without the equal participation of women, neither society nor the economy will flourish
  • There is an insufficient number of female teachers, especially at secondary or tertiary levels and in certain subjects in Ghana.
  • Teachers are insufficiently gender responsive or aware of how to integrate gender equal practices and lessons into their work
  • Female teachers are often subject to discrimination and worse, sexual harassment in their profession.




To increase female student teacher enrolment and the success of female school pupils, there must be interventions at both policy and practice levels. T-TEL is working to integrate gender and inclusion across the teacher education sector, specifically in creating CoEs as equitable work places and learning environments, with support for girls’ educational success. This involves ensuring college tutors emphasise the importance of girls’ learning and progress in schools and helps student teachers think about strategies to overcome barriers. T-TEL is also working with government and colleges to develop and support creative approaches to making CoEs more gender responsive.

It is also working at institutional, organisational and individual levels to address issues such as gender responsive pedagogy, sexual harassment and the recruitment and career development of women tutors into male-dominated subjects such as science and maths. It is supporting policy development to ensure girls’ safety, protection and welfare in the school environment.

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