Curriculum and Assessment

Curriculum and Assessment

Improving teaching and assessment for better learning outcomes, through support for DBE curriculum reform and creating national standards


  • Ensuring the curriculum used by Colleges of Education to train student teachers is effective and central to improving Ghana's education outcomes
  • Currently, curriculum and assessment prioritise subject knowledge over teaching skills, increased by the breadth of the curriculum
  • Subject content does not always correspond with schools curricula
  • Tutors have limited opportunity for professional development
  • Access to expert resources is limited for many student teachers
  • The DBE curriculum requires further development and assessment 


T-TEL is supporting reform of pre-service Diploma in Basic Education (DBE) curriculum and assessment. Underpinning curriculum reform is the need to agree on a philosophy of pre-service teacher education, develop a set of agreed teacher competencies and professional standards and agree on a process and timeline for a comprehensive review and potential reform of the curriculum, to ensure it is fit for purpose in preparing teachers for the subjects and classes they will teach. T-TEL is facilitating discussion amongst all university providers and government partners to achieve these aims.

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