T-TEL Leadership Training Programme organises final batch of workshops

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The T-TEL Leadership Programme has organised training workshops for college leaders. The workshops which were organised in a series of 4 events were targeted at college leaders from 40 public colleges of education across the country with 6 participants from each college. The 4-day workshops were on the theme: Strategic Leadership (Development planning) and took place in Koforidua, Elmina, Kumasi and Bolgatanga.

The workshop which is the 6th and last in T-TEL’s series of Leadership Training workshops saw college leaders working to finalise a number of college improvement initiatives they have been working on since the inception of the Leadership workshops. Activities undertaken during the workshop include; Revisiting college policies and gender responsive criteria, revising college improvement plans and objectives for Payment-by-Result contracts, undertaking college evaluation and writing college evaluation reports, college development and roadmap planning.

Gender, Leadership and Strategic Development Planning

There was also a full days’ focus on results from T-TEL’s Gender and Leadership study in colleges. This study explored the perspectives and experiences of key college actors on issues that affect the opportunities and achievements of female students and staff, and have been generally under-researched within Colleges of Education contexts. As part of the workshop activities, college leaders revised their college policies to meet the Gender Responsive criteria developed from the study.

7 colleges sign contracts to implement their College Improvement Plans

At the Kumasi workshop, 7 colleges who had successfully implemented their first sets of College Improvement Plans (CIPs), signed contracts to implement their second sets of CIPs under the T-TEL Payment-by-Results Fund. These colleges will be provided a grant of GHC 30,000.00 each upon the successful achievement of the agreed objectives within their CIPs over a period of six months.

Award of certificates                                                            

At the end of the workshops, all participants were presented with certificates of participation from the National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE) for their hard work and dedication throughout the six Leadership Training workshops organised by the “Transforming Teacher Education and Learning” (T-TEL) programme in Ghana. 

Sustainability plan

The T-TEL leadership programme is in the process of finalizing a scheme to be called College Improvement Partnership which is a self-improving system that will create partnerships among colleges and institutions as improvement partners. The outcome of this scheme will be the creation of effective leadership and management of colleges of education which will result in skilled and competent teachers delivering high quality teaching.

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