Solidarity Message - PWCE Aburi 90th Anniversary Celebration

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I am very pleased to write a solidarity message to mark the momentous occasion of Presbyterian Women’s College of Education’s 90th Anniversary. This is an opportunity to celebrate the successes which the College has achieved in training high quality teachers for our nations’ basic schools. Everyone remembers a good teacher and teachers touch lives in a way that no other profession can.

There are three things which are needed to be an effective teacher:

  1. Professional Values and Attitudes- the dedication to learn and improve and become the best teacher you can be;
  2. Professional Knowledge- of the subjects and content of the curriculum being taught and;
  3. Professional Practice- the understanding of how to encourage participation, critical thinking and achieve intended learning outcomes.

These three elements are set out in Ghana’s National Teachers’ Standards (NTS) which were approved by Cabinet in September 2017 and which provide the foundations upon which the country’s educational reforms are being built so that effective education starts with the teacher.

These are exciting times for teacher education in Ghana as we look to build a world class system which is admired by all. PWCE Aburi is right at the centre of these reforms as it has started training student teachers in the new Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) in Initial Teacher Education. This progress will continue in 2019 as PWCE enters a new phase of affiliation with its university partners.  

The commencement of the B.Ed. makes PWCE’s 90th Anniversary a particularly memorable occasion. The world’s best performing education systems are united by a common thread- the respect and standing of the teacher in society- a respect which means that young people aspire to join the teaching profession. By implementing a high-quality B.Ed. programme PWCE is at the forefront of efforts to raise the status and quality of the teaching profession in Ghana.  The College is thus building upon the successes of the past 90 years and going even further to ensure that, as a nation, we have a public education system of which we can all be proud.

It is my belief that the College will let its own motto of “SHINE” guide it in striving to move ahead in developing quality teachers, inspiring others in the process.

T-TEL, a Government of Ghana programme supported by UK aid, is very pleased to be partnering with PWCE Aburi to help transform teacher education and learning. As well as being a strong partner PWCE is also special for us as they are the hosts of our zonal office for the Eastern and Greater Accra zone. We would like to thank PWCE for such a strong and accommodating partnership. We are delighted to share in the celebrations today and look forward to many more years of successful collaboration in future.

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