Press Release: Challenge Fund Builds Capacity and Capability of Colleges of Education

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WEDNESDAY 11 JULY 2018 – Colleges of Education in Ghana for the past three years have been embarking on numerous capacity and capability building activities in preparation for the roll out of the new bachelor of education curriculum in September this year.

 As part of multiple levels of support provided to Colleges of Education, Transforming Teacher Education and Learning (T-TEL) launched the Challenge Fund to reward and promote innovative practices in teaching, learning and management practices of CoEs. About 2.5 million cedis was disbursed to thirty-one (31) Colleges of Education across the country.

 After 12-15 months of implementation, Challenge Fund project teams and stakeholders are meeting in Koforidua over the next two weeks with the aim to create a common platform for sharing key lessons, showcasing achievements and exploring opportunities for taking best practices and results forward in their institutions and within the teacher education sector as a whole.

 T-TEL Team Leader Robin Todd, in his remarks during the opening ceremony of the End of Project Learning event today said:

“Through their Challenge Fund projects Colleges of Education have brought about significant and positive changes in the lives of young people across the country. To name but a few:

  • Peki has worked with a wide range of stakeholders, including Traditional Authorities, to ensure that student teachers are able to work in a safe and welcoming environment;
  • Teresa’s has significantly improved the performance of their student teachers in English Language, Mathematics and Science;
  • Agogo has enhanced the capacity of tutors and student teachers to use locally-made teaching and learning aids to improve learning outcomes;
  • Dambai has enhanced the skills of tutors and mentors to support student teachers to teach effectively in basic school classrooms;
  • and Jasikan has prepared student teachers with practical skills to improve delivery of early childhood education – a critical stage of development for the nation’s growth.

Colleges of Education are already doing great work. They are ready to lead educational transformation in our nation. The future is bright and the possibilities are exciting”

 As a Government of Ghana programme T-TEL is providing continuous technical and funding support for the implementation of the new bachelor of education curriculum for training teachers. This includes:

  • Working with Universities to provide Continuous Professional Development support to enable all lecturers and tutors to understand all aspects of the new curriculum and deliver it effectively;
  • Strengthening partnerships between partner schools and Colleges of Education, guided by a new School Partnerships Policy- to ensure that experienced teachers are effectively mentoring student teacher in line with the NTS;
  • Providing support to all Colleges of Education to enable them to upgrade the qualifications of their tutors, within a 4 year transitional period, to meet the minimum requirements of the National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE) and;
  • Supporting Colleges to achieve their organisational objectives and development plans through a Payment By Results (PBR) approach, providing funding for Colleges of Education to use as they see fit to improve their infrastructure and learning environment.

Notes to Editors:

  1. Transforming Teacher Education and Learning (T-TEL) Ghana is a four-year Government of Ghana Programme supported by the UK Department for International Development (DFID). Through an investment of £17 million, T-TEL is supporting the country’s 46 public Colleges of Education on their path to becoming tertiary “centres of excellence” and producing high quality teaching graduates who can ensure our children succeed at school.
  1. From October this year all new entrants to the teaching profession will be required to study Bachelors of Education degrees offered by Colleges of Education, initially in affiliation with the University of Cape Coast and after one year of implementation with other public Universities. The curriculum offered in these Colleges of Education will represent a significant departure from previous practice. 5 public universities - University of Cape Coast, University of Education Winneba, University of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology and the University of Development Studies have designed new Bachelors of Education degrees aligned with the National Teachers’ Standards (NTS) and the National Teacher Education Curriculum Framework (NTECF) and submitted these to the National Accreditation Board (NAB) for certification. Aligning the new Curriculum with these Standards will ensure that we train the teachers which Ghana needs to deliver a world class education system.


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T-TEL is having great impact in my college as far as e-portfolio project of the challenge fund is concerned.Adacoe MtMary project