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Student Teachers: The future of the Profession

Many will have different views when it comes to the future of the teaching profession, some will even argue that there is no future for the profession because the young teachers we have today will not think twice about leaving the profession since they do not want to “receive their rewards in heaven”. However, I believe that every young teacher who has gone through teacher training and has come to understand the profession the way I do will always have a burning desire to remain in the profession, make it better, and make others see it from his or her perspective.

To begin with, I take a look at what keeps the passion burning, the one thing that makes me love the teaching profession. It is a blessing to be given the opportunity to influence young peoples lives and what they become in future, and I see it as a privilege and an honour for me as a teacher to help a young person or group of young people harness their potential and use it to better their lives and that of others.

Subsequently, going through the teacher education system, I have realised a holistic transformation right from my personality down to my academic performance. The training I received as a student teacher not only made me love the profession, but also made me a calmer and more restrained person; no more rash decisions and throwing of tantrums due to anger. It has made me a multitasker, and ultimately has enkindled in me the desire to encourage younger ones to follow in my stead and get to my level.

My appeal to all stakeholders in teacher education, ranging from the Ministry of Education (MoE) to the executive officers of Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana (TTAG); please continue to keep student teachers in the know of issues pertaining to reforms.

I do not know why anyone would think the teaching profession has no future, for I believe, if every student teacher lives by the training we receive at college level, there will be a change and we will have pupils in our classrooms choosing teaching as their dream profession.


Perpetual S. M. Wadjoly

Student Teacher, St. Teresa’s College of Education


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Augustus Asah-Awuku

Comment by Augustus Asah-Awuku |

Awwwww this lady is really trained for the job. God bless you. Achieve your goals and enjoy life as a teacher

Afeti Hilda

Comment by Afeti Hilda |

I strongly second u
Thumps up


Comment by Sophia |

This is very inspiring to both young & old teachers.

Rita Danso

Comment by Rita Danso |

That's a good mind opener. We can all make a change if only we will stay put and focus our attention on the change we want to see. Teaching is a wonderful profession, that gives you the chance to make an impact on the lives of your learners and I've never regretted choosing this profession. #let'smakeanimpactinourgeneration